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I am a Personal AssistantTranslator

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Help to recruit employees

The competition for good people is tougher than the competition for employees. VAs screen LinkedIn for prospective employees based on criteria that you provide.

Research leads on LinkedIn

B2B businesses (and some B2C businesses) must keep a list of ideal clients. A virtual assistant, following guidance from you, can research LinkedIn and creates a list of prospective clients.

Design presentations

AS a VA can enhance proposals by finding and inserting a prospect’s logo and changing the text color to match. They can also animate slides as appropriate.

Education & qualifications

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor degree in Accounting, Faculty of commerce English section

Internet, Microsoft outlook, Windows, Microsoft office: very good

Keyboard typing: 60 wpm.

Able to communicate at high level in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Certified in Customer service

Certified in professional writing

IELTS band score: 8

2020-2024: The UoPeople, USA, studying Business Administration

-2021-2025: Arizona State University, studying Spanish literature


14/12/2019-Now: Tawasol, CEO’s personal assistant and translator (online)

3/11/2018-1/12/2019: Personal assistant with several CEO’s from Jordan, KSA, the UAE, India, and the USA (online)

20/3/2018-Now: Medical Interpreter (freelancer)

11/5/2016-Now: English and French Instructor (freelancer)

6/5/2015-2/6/2016: S2M, writer and CEO’s personal assistant (online)

23/7/2014- 10/5/2016: Axon, English and French Instructor (Part time).

27/10/2013- 23/7/2014: Vodafone International Accounts (UK), International Accounts advisor (Technical Support)

2/9/2013-1/3/2014: Ray Media, CEO’s personal assistant (online)

1/8/2011-13/8/2013: ALI, English Instructor (full time).

1/4/2011-31/7/2011: CAC, Head of languages department.

1/5/2008-14/5/2009: CAC, English and French Instructor (part time)

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